The NSG Cyber Research Group is an independent organization focusing on variety of technological and social aspects of the Cyberspace.
NSG College translates into LMS learning environment unique knowledge & methodology, also provide fast and efficient knowledge learning sharing that operates in online cross-platform learning system.
NSG Center is a Cyber Research institutethat utilizes unique learning, instructional, and application methodologies to foster analytic research for handling daily challenges in Cyberspace. Its very purpose is to enhance Cyberspace security.
The directors of NSG Group are Dr. Marina Shorer and Mr. Avraham (Avi) Cohen, gained experience in Israeli academia, military, government agencies, and industries.

Dr. Marina Shorer – Head of NSG Research Center

Dr. Marina Shorer is an expert in Cyber security, Cyber Intelligence and Immigration studies. She is the author of the book on international immigration and contributor to the book “Terrorism and the Internet: Threats – Target groups – Deradicalisation strategies” and the book of “National Security and Counterintelligence in the Era of Cyber Espionage”. Being a former Media Liaison for the Israeli Ministry of Internal Security, she implements her knowledge of the routine of the Governmental structures with theoretical and practical tools. Dr. Shorer works with the world-leading research centers and universities to endorse scientific research in the fields. She is also a high-profiled and welcomed speaker of security and public organizations such as NATO. Public and governmental agencies in the USA and Europe frequently ask for her advice in composing reports and papers.

Mr. Avraham (Avi) Cohen, COL(Res) – Head Of National Security Research Group

Retiring from IDF with 29 years of experience as a commander at C5I Branch – IDF. Leader, commander, developer, manager of IT & EW communication systems.
Lead at all the Last decade Operations, Management at High Level, development IT & EW systems, cyber defense, and communication infrastructures for the highest strategic Challenges to IDF. Avi had been planning and created new concepts for the IDF (cyber defense, spectrum warfare, operational continuity etc.)- Design & develop solutions for operational demands, set most of C5I & Electronic Warfare & Spectrum Management Concepts and Top Architecture.
The IDF Electronic Warfare higher rank officer and also head of spectrum management to all IDF. Brought Innovative and creative approach to challenge and initiating to strategic change processes that lead IDF. Education: B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Ben Gurion University, MA in Law from Bar Ilan University